About us

Brilliant Processing was set up by a group of professional programmers with passion for software development.

BProcessing offers solutions that optimize, improve and organize business processes.

We use latest tools and technologies to provide the highest quality software.


Software Development - Creation and maintenance of software solutions.

IT Security - Development of security policy tailored to the needs and available budget.

Business Intelligence - Transformation of information into knowledge, which increases the competitiveness of Company.

How do we work

Concept - The main purpose is to analyze business processes that need to be improved.

Development & Implementation - Our projects are conducted based on SCRUM methodology - an agile way of software development.

Maintenance - We remain at your service after software implementation to provide you with post-production support.

About Us

BProcessing offers IT solutions that optimize, improve and organize business processes.

Our solutions are "always one step further", because we understand that both IT and Business requires forward thinking.

 brilliant processing - your best it solutions


Brilliant Processing
Aleje Jerozolimskie 109 / 57
02 - 011 Warsaw, Poland
P: +48 794 690 966